Minimum Wages Notifications

Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments  Act (Amendment) 2018

Industrial Employment(Standing Orders)Act-Amendment- 07-04-16 Description: New

Kerala Plantation Labour Rules 1959-Amendment – 27/16/LBR Description: New

Minimum Wages in Plantation Sector - Notification

Minimum Wages in Light Motor Vehicle Sector - (Preliminary)

Minimum Wages in Private Security Sector-Preliminary Notification

Minimum Wages in Rubber Crepe Mills GO(P) No. 5/2016/LBR

Minimum rates of Wages in Shops & Commercial Establishments - Preliminary Notification

Minimum Wages in Plantation Sector - Preliminary Notification

Public Holidays for Public Offices –Gazette Notification No: 2355

Public Holidays Under Nogitable Instruments Act – Notification No: 2356

KS&CE - Amendment – 134/2015/LBR – 16.09.2015

Kerala Plantation Labour Rules 1959-Amendment – 62/15/LBR

Kerala Trade Union Regulations - Amendment

Notification (Extra ordinary) GO(P) 57/2015/LBR

KS&CE - Amendment - 31240/E3/2014/LBR - 31.3.15

KS&CE - Exemption - Jayalakshmi Textiles

MTW - Payment of Fair wages Act - Amendment GO(Ms) 123/15/LBR dt: 4.9.15

Industrial Disputes Act - 12(4) Report - Circular

Wage Protection System - Amendment of Kerala Minimum wages Rules

Notification – Working hours - Exemption

Amendment to Kerala Palntations Labour Rules 1959

Construction Sites – Health and Safety Manual

Amendment to Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Act

Balasanthwanam 2014

Amendment to Industrial Employment Standing orders Act

Kerala Shops And Commercial Establishments (Amendment) Ordinance, 2014

Minimum Wages Notification in Timber & Plywood Industry(Proposal)

Minimum Wages to Private Hospital Employees- Final NotificationG.O.(M.S) No.135/2013/LBR Datd 05-11-2013

Amendment in Minimum Wages Notification Rules

Revised rate of Registration/Renewal fees under Various Labour Laws

Kerala Right to Service Act, 2012

Deputy Labour Commissioners are notified as Appellate Authority under Kerala Headload Workers Act, 1978

All commercial establishments coming under KS&CE Act are included as establishments under Payment of Wages act

Erratum Notification - ‘opening of schools’


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