Kerala Abkari Thozhilali Kshema Nidhi Board-Suraksha Self Employment Scheme-reg

Circular-Experience Certificate-regnew2.gif - 501 b 

Circular-Central Inspection System-Auto Renewal-regnew2.gif - 501 b 

Kerala Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition)Rules,1974-Final Notification-Auto Renewal-reg.new2.gif - 501 b 

Kerala Interstate Migrant Workmen(Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Rules-1983 Amendment-Final Notification-Auto Renewal-reg.new2.gif - 501 b 

Circular No.07/2020-Willingness to Daffedar Post-reg. new2.gif - 501 b

The Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments(Amendment)Ordinance,2020-reg.

Kerala Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition)Rules,1974-Primary Notification-reg.

Kerala Interstate Migrant Workmen(Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Rules-1983 Amendment-Primary Notification-reg.

Ease of Doing Business-Central Inspection System-Reg.new2.gif - 501 b 

Compassionate Employment-Circular-reg.

Employee's Compensation Act-Draft Notification-regnew2.gif - 501 b 


Bonus Guidelines-2019-20 Period-reg.new2.gif - 501 b 

COVID 19-Instructions on wages during lock down period-regnew2.gif - 501 b 

Minimum Wages Act-Schedule Inclusion-Employment under Private  Ayurveda, Dental, Homeo hospitals etc. -reg

Payment of Wages Act-Claim Authorities-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

Order-WP(C) No. 11282/2020 filed by Kerala State Small Industries Association & others

Coronavirus(COVID-19)-Ensuring wages/salary to employees-Circular issued-regnew2.gif - 501 b

Coronavirus(COVID-19)-Instructions for employees & employers-Circular issued-regnew2.gif - 501 b

Coronavirus(COVID-19)-Office circular(revised)issued- Observation of Private employees, ISM employees-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

Internal compliance committee formulation on establishments-regnew2.gif - 501 b

Election-Paid holidays-Clarifications-reg


Coronavirus(COVID-19)-Instructions regarding safety measures,Working time,leave for employees-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

Coronavirus(COVID-19)-Instructions regarding safety measures,Working time,leave for employees(Circular I)-reg.

Coronavirus(COVID-19)-Circular regarding Bio-metric punching in department officesnew2.gif - 501 b

Maternity Benefit Act-Amendment-Private Educational Institution-final-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

Reconstitution of Medical Appeal Tribunals-Modified-Orders issued-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

Office Vehicle-Log book maintenance-Circular regnew2.gif - 501 b

Kerala Trade Union Regulations, 1958-Amendment-Draft-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

Kerala Jewellery Workers' Welfare Fund Amendment Act,2019-reg.

sales promotion employees-working time-reg

RTI ACT-submission of reports before the commission -Email Id notified -reg.

Payment of gratuity Act 1972 - circular-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

M/s. ALIND-Exemption Cancelled-reg

Pala Legislative Assembly-Bye Election-Paid Holiday-reg.

State Apprenticeship council reconstitution-reg.

AAWAZ-Nodal Officer appointed-reg.

AAWAZ-Insurance formalities-CHIAK appointed-reg.

Bonus Guide lines-Public Enterprises-reg.

Ex-gratia to employees on various sectors-reg. 

Revolving Fund-Inter state migrant workers-reg 

Thozhilali Sreshta Award-GO-reg.new2.gif - 501 b

File Adalath-Nodal Officers appointed/Instructions-reg. 

Labour Policy-GO-reg.

Remedial Measures for common issues in the different sectors of LPG distribution -Code of Conduct-reg.

Cess Final Order Deletion - Directions-Reg

CMO Portal-Instructions-reg. 

Guidelines for online-booking of rooms in Govt.Guest Houses newb.gif - 4.96 kB

Development Commissioner-Cochin Special Economic Zone and KS &CE Renewal-G O-Reg

Kerala Employees Compensation (Amendment) Rules, 2018

Migrant Workers Welfare Scheme GO

EODB-BRAP 2018-Elimination of renewal of registration under KS & CE act-GO-reg

Loksabha Election 2019-Declaration of public holiday-GO -reg

General Election Equipments-Head load rates-reg

The Industrial Disputes(Kerala Amendment Act,2017

General Election to Lok Sabha 2019 - Conduct of Government Servants - Reg

Vizhinijam DLO-Appointment as conciliation officer under Head Load Workers Act,1978 

EODB-Elimination of Inspection prior to registration-Circular reg.

Handloom Sector Interim Order

Kerala State Bharat Scouts and Guides-KS & CE Act -Exemption

Private hospitals-trainee nurses stipend, training-guidelines issued

Building Cess-Revised rates-GO-reg

DLO Vizhinjam-Appointment as the inspecting authority under ID Act,1947

DLO Vizhinjam-Appointment as the inspecting authority under CLR Act,1970

DLO Vizhinjam-Appointment as the inspecting authority under minimum wages act

Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments  Act (Amendment) 2018newb.gif - 4.96 kB

Labour Department -LCAS-Guidelines to the officers. newb.gif - 4.96 kB

Labour Department -Circular-Ministerial/Executive confidential report submitting

Labour Department -Guidelines on confidential report submitting

Migrant Workers Welfare Scheme - GO

Labour Department -LCAS E Payment- Guidelines issued newb.gif - 4.96 kB

 Minimum Wages -Amendment Act-2017 newb.gif - 4.96 kB

Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 newb.gif - 4.96 kB

Kerala MotorTransport Workers' Rules, 1962-Amendment(Preliminary)

Kerala Inter-State Migrant workmen Rules, 1983- Amendment(Preliminary)

Kerala contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Rules, 1974- Amendment(Preliminary)


 Maternity Benifit Act - Amendment - Reg 

 ISMW - Revolving fund - Reg [GO(Rt) No: 668/2018/LBR] 

Payment of Wages Act - Amendment

KS&CE Act - Conditional Exemption - Lulookkas Gold Centre, Calicut - GO(Ms)No. 8/2018/LBR Dtd: 26.02.2018

Nokkukooli banned in Kerala since 01.05.2018 - GO(Rt) No.511/2018/LBR Dtd:30.04.2018

Kerala Minimum Wages Rules 1958 - Amendment - GO(P) No.30/2017/LBR Dtd:26.04.2017

KS&CE Act - Conditional Exemption - Titan Eye+ - GO(Ms)No. 110/2017/LBR Dtd: 31.12.2017

Scheduled Employments - Pay salary only through cheque or Bank Account GO(P)No. 35/2017/LBR Dtd: 09.05.2017

Authorities to hear claims as per Minimum Wages Act

AAWAZ - Insurance Scheme for Migrant Workers - GO

Year of Official Language

Vizhinjam International Seaport - Compensation- Formation of Committee-Reg 

National Employment Service (Kerala) - Counter Signing Experience Certificate-Reg 

Departmental Tests - Syllabus modified 


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